The Wolf speaks

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The Wolf


Now the real stuff.

All of that crap said, if you don't like what I say, feel free to flame me an e-mail off and tell me how big of an ass I am.  This web site wasn't written to please the silent masses or offer more politically correct platitudes.  It's been entirely too damn long that the human race as a whole was so apathetic and lethargic that we just don't really care about anything.  Well, rightly or wrongly, I care.  I think people telling each other how to live in mediocrity (let's all be politically correct) is the worst crime of all.  I think sitting quietly so as not to rock the boat and letting the wrong things happen for the right reasons is just as wrong as being the one to do those wrong things, and I for one am sick of it.  I refuse to be politically correct anymore.  LET THE BEATINGS BEGIN!


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