I'm not going to tell you where I work or give you any details thereof, but I deal a lot with the public.  We have security people who control access to specific areas.  One gentleman was drunk and wanted access to an area anyway.  The poor security officer was polite and told him I'm sorry, we can't let you in, you're drunk.  What does this dumb son of a bitch do but call him curse words in Spanish and then slaps him.  The officer grabs the prick and me and a few others run barreling down there to whip his ass, but he's holding still and making nice (pity that) so all we can do is bring him in and let the local popo handle him.  Well, yours truly, of course, has a few connections in the popo and knows the officer who is going to respond to the complaint.  Naturally, my winning charm and influence persuaded the nice officer to stroke the stupid piece of shit up.  This, unfortunately, is merely the prelude to my rant.

NOW the rant.  This retards fucking family (see my rant on words) come down there begging this poor guy not to press charges.  They live two hours away or some such shit and don't want to have to drive ALL that way.  They're SO sorry.  Yeah, now they're fucking sorry.  People are never more sorry than when they get caught.  They're not sorry for doing it, they're sorry they got caught being a fucking retard.  Never mind that this dude slapped shit out of a guy half his size just for doing his job.  Never mind that this obnoxious ass fool was drunker'n Cooter Brown.  Well, you know what yours truly says.  I say Fuck them, him, the family, and the horse they rode in on.  Why the hell can't people accept responsibility for their actions.  You did it.  No one made you do it.  You have to accept the penalties for your own attitudes and actions.  Be a damn man about it.  If you swing your nuts out on the chopping block, you got nobody to blame but yourself when the hatchet comes down.  Think about it for pity's sake.  Why the hell whine and cry and moan like a little bitch if you did it.  You fucking did it.  Suck it up, quit crying, stiffen your upper lip and accept the consequences, besides, I hear they like lil bitches in jail.


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