Parental Responsibilities

I just got through reading about this poor bastard who got suckered in by some young bimbo into running away with her.I am utterly sick of people not laying the blame where it belongs.  They flat out admit they have no idea what the hell their daughter was doing on the Internet IN THE FAMILY FUCKING KITCHEN!

So basically these asinine moronic lousy ass excuses for a waste of sperm breathing good O2 that someone else could use pieces of shit parents didnít even care enough to walk over to the kid and LOOK AT THE FUCKING SCREEN?!?!?!Right in front of them.While they were there.While they were watching.Weíre blaming the guy?!?What are you?Fucking stupid?Some little Lolita bitch with a streak of rebellion and a love of punk rock convinces this guy sheís older than she is (and it isnít difficult these days, just look around.Theyíre younger every year), and we blame this poor sap for it.I grant you, he should have asked for ID, but thatís my opinion.Iím a cynical bastard at heart, just ask my wife.I can also bloody well tell you this, if my daughter in her teen age or nearly teen age years ever runs off with some guy, she better be damn well ready for foster care or marriage.You think youíre an adult, then get your ass out there and be an adult.Any re-admittance to the house would be under severe penalty of beatings about the ass with a thick belt.Yes, I believe in whipping a kids ass.I do NOT believe in beating them up, but I believe in spankings.My Dad spanked me one time when I was a kid.He made it good.He made it count.He never had to do it twice.You may think he was mean and a real prick for doing it, but when Dad had enough, by God, the kids were good.We did NOT want that belt to come off.

So what this really boils down to is parents, if you donít take the time to get involved in your kids lives, then what the FUCK are you doing having kids?You donít need them, you donít deserve them, and you shouldnít have them.Period.End of story.Thereís no negotiating with this.Yeah, the guy should have been a cynical asshole, like me, then none of this would have happened.Then again, he was just a plain old normal trusting nice guy.He believed her when she lied to him.She lied, he didnít, but heís responsible because heís an adult.Sounds like a crock of shit to me.Beat the parents instead.

When I was a kid, I watched the times change.I watched children become more and more rebellious.I watched the US go from the Ward Cleaver wannabe home life (which usually didnít work, but got close) to the punk era, and the flower children, and the general apathetic age of the 90ís.That apathy has not changed and a lot of the problems of prior Ďagesí stems from that apathy.California isnít the land of the tolerant where everything is embraced.California is the land of the apathetic where theyíre tired of giving a shit.They donít accept anything done there, the normal people are just tired of fighting all the strange shit to the point theyíve completely and utterly given up.This is our next generation.The Ďdonít give a shitsí.We change that one family at a time people.


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