Let me preface this by saying I fully support the space shuttle program and NASA.  This rant is actually to chew out a degenerate moron I work with who said he thought the military and space programs were not only a waste of money, but the loss of life in the shuttle accidents proved them to be a waste of life as well.  This idiotic fucking moron should be shot in the head.  These people are heroes risking annihilation to further our advancement as a race.  The military, God bless them each and every one, risk life and limb to see to it that we continue to breathe free air.  I pointed this out to this loon and his response was, in a nutshell, I don't care, it's still a waste of money.

Well, I just wish they'd give me a license to ship one dumb scum bag mother fucker a month off to some sadistic oppressive ruler of a foreign land.  I want to see the look on his face when his new lord bends him over the proverbial table and slides it up his poop shoot, or straps a bomb to is pathetic little cowardly pecker and runs him into a crowd of people to blow him up.  Remember those waste of money military personnel who were protecting your dumb ass?  They no longer give a shit.  I'm sorry.  Maybe it makes me one cold hard callous son of a motherless goat, but some people are just too stupid to live.  The Gene Pool needs a Lifeguard

The Wolf