I am so completely and utterly sick of politically correct terms.Donít say this, donít do that.Be careful or you sound like youíre not sensitive.Guess what?Fuck you, Iím not sensitive.Chris Rock (All credit to him for it) summed it up best.I donít remember his exact words, so no quotes, but whatever happened to just plain old crazy?These kids (or whoever) went off the deep end, did something stupid, and they were just plain old fucking crazy.I donít mean fuck naked in the snow crazy (try it, frozen nuts for a week but a hell of a lot of fun), but literally, just plain old mean nasty stupid kill someone fucking crazy.Chris was pretty well accurate there.Why do we try so damn hard to blame someone or figure out ďwhatís wrongĒ with them.Hey lady, sometimes whatís wrong is theyíre fucking crazy.

The same thing goes to retarded or stupid or illiterate or fat.Again, donít misunderstand; Iím completely against being mean.Hell, Iím no prize myself.Iím fat and ugly here and damn proud of it, but Iím not living any illusions.Calling someone a fat slob just to hurt them is mean.Donít do that asshole, but if you weigh four hundred pounds, donít get pissed off if one of your friends pulls you aside to express concern and says, ďGeorge, I donít know what to say, Iím worried about you.Youíve gotten really fat.ĒItís your own damn fault and couth or not, theyíre worried.Look at the meaning, not the words and take some fucking responsibility for yourself.

When I was a kid, we went to school with retarded kids.No one picked on them or called them any names.They were retarded.We all knew they were slow and all that other Politically Correct Crap (heretofore referred to as Horseshit ô), but it didnít matter.When they started trying to find all these nice non-offensive ways to say what they were already saying (read, using Horseshit ô), was when the kids got pissed off and got mean about it.It was weird.I didnít understand it, but I watched it.Kids that rode the bus to school in peace turned on one another like rabid woodchucks.Basically it was like diffusion.As we were forced to call them by more and more Horseshit ô terms, the actual niceness drained out into those terms rather than into the kids behavior.(This is going to spawn another rant later I can feel.)

Regardless, my point being, all of this crap about what specific word someone used is just that, a bunch of Horseshitô.If you donít know what it means and canít see the underlying meaning, read a fucking dictionary or go be a god damn lawyer.They read in exactese, rather than the spirit of what was said.


The Gene Pool needs a Lifeguard ô

The Wolf